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Madison River Fishing Report

June 25, 2019


Not quite yet! Salmonflies are ready to bust any second, but we’ve not really seen them yet. You can expect them soon though. The Madison River, its fish and anglers are anxiously waiting.

It’s all about the dry fly right now and should be that way for next while. We nymph this river hard throughout the spring, fall and winter. Summer is our time to dedicate some hours to bring fish to the surface. So, pardon the lack of nymph reporting for the time being. 

An epic small western green drake hatch has been experienced the last couple of days. Though our trout absolutely love these relatively rare insects, you can expect them to all but disappear with the current weather pattern. Still though, if you find an overcast afternoon they might still come off one more time. A #16 olive parachute adams or a purple haze will do the trick. 

Consider a small chubby pattern in purple or royal right now. Fish are looking up for stonefly adults, and you can lift some nice trout if you fish hard. Dropping a #14 copper john, prince nymph or lightning bug about 18″ below is not a bad combination.

Tons of caddis popping off throughout the day. Fish have been keyed in on the emergers more so than the adults. Fishing a bomber caddis followed by an emerger will produce some aggressive takes if you get the flies moving a bit with some subtle twitches. 

Have your salmonfly, goldenstone and yellow sally dries ready to fish right now. These hatches are all about timing. Get out there early and late for some of the best action, but once it gets going you can expect some solid action all day long. 

Aside from that, you can look to your streamer box for some aggressive fish looking for a big meal. A lot of the bigger fish that are keyed in on salmonflies will take a moment to chase a sculpin passing by. 

That’s it for now. See you on the water!



Upper Madison River Flows near Cameron, MT




Upper Madison River Water Temperature



Lower Madison River Flows below Ennis Dam


Water Level Graph for USGS Station 06041000


Lower Madison River Water Temperature below Ennis Dam


Water Level Graph for USGS Station 06041000



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