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Madison River Fishing Report

August 21, 2019


More of the same for this Madison River fishing report. Hoppers are absolutely everywhere. The Madison Valley is currently infested with them. We’ve had some very warm weather lately, but water temps remain below 70 degrees, which is perfectly safe for our trout. 

Most of us have been fishing a single hopper the entire day with fantastic results. Yellow and tan have been popular. Some of our guides are hitting the foam with a few black dots using a sharpie. We’ve also been trimming them down a bit to reduce the number of refusals. Some days have been better than others in terms of getting committed takes. Cloud cover seems to negatively impact the bite right now. Look for the best dry fly fishing to take place in full sunlight. 

I’ve not personally seen a lot of ants flying around. It’s gotta happen soon though! Still, nice fish are eating black or cinnamon ants. They aren’t as effective as the hopper, but a good one is bound to eat it in the afternoon.

Speaking of afternoon…The dry fly fishing has been much better after lunch. Prior to that you might do better with a dropper nymph or a full on double nymph rig. Fish are also keying in on sculpin lately. 3-4″ streamers in a variety of color have been effective at times. A streamer is a great option before the dry fly action really gets going. 

That’s it for now. Enjoy the terrestrial fishing while it lasts! These hoppers aren’t showing any signs of slowing down and hopefully the weather keeps them going well into September. 

See you on the water,



Upper Madison River Flows near Cameron, MT




Upper Madison River Water Temperature



Lower Madison River Flows below Ennis Dam


Water Level Graph for USGS Station 06041000


Lower Madison River Water Temperature below Ennis Dam


Water Level Graph for USGS Station 06041000



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