Getting To Ennis, Montana

Just Far Enough Away

Getting to Ennis, Montana used to be quite the travel adventure. Things have changed with the convenience of airports in Bozeman, West Yellowstone, Butte and Ennis. With many major airlines now serving direct flights to Montana, guest can transport themselves into a rural country setting in no time.

Consider A Road trip

The road trip is a lost art these days, but if done right it can be extremely enjoyable. Giving yourself a day or several days to make your way to Montana provides plenty of sightseeing opportunities or outdoor activities no matter which direction you're coming from. The fly fishing alone along the way is worth it!

New for 2021 will be the addition of an on-property Electric Vehicle charging station outside of the new Madison Lodge.

Ennis MT welcome sign.
Airline at Bozeman Airport

Several Flight Options

Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport (BZN) is easily accessible from many major US cities making air travel to Montana easy. Private planes can fly into the newly renovated 7,600' runway of the Ennis-Big Sky Airport (EKS) now capable of landing planes of all different sizes, located just 15 minutes from MVR.

2021 Update: Southwest Airlines now offering direct flights from LAX, Las Vegas and Denver

Tips for Booking Travel

Arrival & Departure Times

Typically the latest arriving and earliest departure flights of the day are cheapest when using Bozeman Airport. It's not too fun to fly into Bozeman at 11PM and then drive through the dark to our lodge. The same goes for waking up at 4AM to catch a 6AM flight out. We recommend looking for arrival times between 10AM-1PM. This will give you plenty of time to get here for our 2PM check-in to settle in for the afternoon. On your departure day you can best maximize your time in Montana with a departure flight after 12PM.

Ennis mt private airport

Rental Cars

Bozeman Airport hosts most major car rental companies. One thing to keep in mind is that rental cars are in high demand during the summer here in Montana. We've heard stories of long wait times to pick up your vehicle. When deciding on a rental car company, we recommend that you work with whomever can assure you a smooth and quick process when picking up your vehicle. Giving them a call in advance is not a bad idea!

Car rental center at Bozeman Airport (BZN)
What to bring