The 2024 Streamer Chase

Chase Big Trout for 4 Nights & 3 Days of Guided Streamer Fishing

Welcome to Madison Valley Ranch, the most central destination for fall streamer fishing in Montana. Join us October 9-13, 2024 for an unforgettable streamer fishing trip and a chance at a trophy-sized trout. The only pre-requisite is that you get that casting arm in shape!

Our experienced guides at Eaton Outfitter are well-known for their expertise in slinging streamer patterns. They will accompany you throughout the trip, sharing invaluable insights, tactics, and specialized fly patterns to entice the elusive giants of SW Montana.

The plan is...there is no plan, just streamers. The Upper Madison River will be our focus due to it's proximity and fishing options, however they are willing to venture off to other nearby fisheries if you're game. Floating, wading, other rivers, Jack Creek, lakes and more are all fair game.

When you're not on the water, the Madison Valley Ranch will provide a welcoming retreat, complete with high-end accommodations, gourmet meals, fine wines, local beer and great people. If you're out fishing past dinner, don't worry. Just be sure to have your guide stop into a local steakhouse for drinks and dinner on your way back.

This is a chance for experienced streamer junkies and those that want to learn more to get together and experience the beauty of fall fishing in Montana for 3 days of streamers, hundreds of cast, commitment, persistence and a little bit of luck is all you need to bring!

Be quick to take advantage of these discounted rates below. We look forward to having you!

The 2024 Streamer Chase

  • What: 4 Nights & 3 Days of Guided Streamer Fishing
  • Where: Madison Valley Ranch in Ennis, Montana
  • When: October 9-13, 2024
  • Double Occupancy Rate: $3650/person
  • Single Angler Rate: $5650/person
Call (800) 891-6158
madison river brown trout in October

What to Expect

  • Accommodations: For this trip we are offering all of our rooms at the same discounted rate. We have 3 buildings on the property with a total of 14 rooms. All rooms have 2 queen beds and the same amenities. Rooms will be first come first serve based on availability for this particular trip. We recommend booking early if you'd like to select a specific room type.
  • Meals: The Madison Valley Ranch Culinary Team is well known for serving consistent and creative 4-course gourmet meals. Breakfasts are no different, offering something for everyone. Lunches consist of a variety of sandwiches, wraps and salads to choose from.
  • Wine & Beer: We are proud to offer our guests a diverse range of fine wines and locally crafted beers. All wine and beer is included in the package rate. We do not serve liqour, but you are welcome to pick up your favorite bottle in town at The Bottle Barn or Willie's Distillery.
  • Gear: We have you covered with Orvis fly rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippet, flies, waders and boots for your guide trips. Some guests choose to bring all their own gear, while other prefer to pack light.
  • Guides: Eaton Outfitters has been the sole outfitter for Madison Valley Ranch since 1994. There are a lot of great fly fishing outfits here in SW Montana and the Eaton guides are right there with the very best. We've carefully selected each guide for this trip for their knowledge and passion for streamer fishing.
  • Weather: We see it all in October, from 30s to 80s, sunshine to snowstorms. Keeping an eye on the forecast is important in preparation, but you should never trust a Montana weatherman. Layers are key so that you can adapt to the conditions. Waders and boots are mandatory.
  • Transportation: A rental car is nice if you want to go into town or explore the area after fishing, but it is not necessary. We can set you up with an airport shuttle and take care of the rest.

Trip Itinerary

fly fishing lodge with streamer fishing

October 9 - Arrival Day

Room check-in is at 2PM, but feel free to come a little earlier if you want to fish around the property. Eaton Outfitters and their guides for the trip will be joining us for fly tying, drinks, dinner and no shortage of humorous fishing stories. We'll be sure to introduce you to your guide and then it is up to you to make a plan for the next 3 days of chasing big fish.

big brown trout in the fall

October 10, 11 & 12 - Guided Streamer Fishing

Breakfast and coffee will kick off the morning. Hopefully you made a plan with your guide. It's time to fish hard for 3 days. Each day of fishing will end back here at the ranch. We'll have dinner going again, but you are welcome to eat at a local restaurant on your way back from fishing if you've ventured off the beaten path.

angler casting a streamer rod

Departure Day - October 13

Check-out is at 10AM. Hopefully you've gotten your fair share of casts in, but feel free to fish around the property either in Jack Creek, on the pond or back in the Channels Section of the Upper Madison River.

Let's Fish Streamers!

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Best Streamers for Montana Trout

Screamer fly pattern

Delektable Screamer

If you've spent any amount of time in the Madison Valley, you've likely been into Beartooth Fly Shop. Owner Dan Delekta is among the legends of Montana fly fishing. He's a veteran fly fishing guide, expert rod builder and master fly tyer. His fly creations are easily distinguishable amongst the thousands of other flies out there. The Single and Double Screamer have everything a trout could want in a streamer. It's got the perfect amount of weight to be fished on a variety of lines, room for two colors and a touch of flash. We love this fly in olive/black on dark cloudy days and olive/white on bright sunny days.

dali lama fly

Dali Lama

This pattern is undoubtedly among the best streamer flies for Steelhead trout, but it works great for rainbow and brown trout. It's a simple tie with a cone head, a couple rabbit strips, some lateral flash and a stinger hook. It displaces water and swims up and down smoothly. Again, black/olive and olive/white are hard to beat.

streamer patterns

Guide's Secret

Be nice to your fly fishing guide! Most of them are master tiers themselves. Some of the best streamer patterns for fall brown trout come out of their boxes. The patterns don't have a name and are closely guarded in some instances.

At the end of the day, the best streamer for Montana is the one you think looks good and have confidence in fishing. Presentation is far more important than imitation if you are to fool a big streamer eating trout.

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