January 14, 2016

Winter Snowpack and the 2016 Fishing Season

We have had a great winter in terms of precipitation thanks to El Nino! The Madison River basin is already upwards 100% of normal Snow Water Equivalent. This SWE figure correlates directly with the amount of water that will result from the snow if it all melted instantaneously. This, therefore, means that we are not only getting significant snowfall, but more importantly water-dense snow!What does that mean for fishing in 2016? A good snow pack as well as spring and summer precipitation, means an influx of cool water into the rivers during the fishing season. Cool water provides a healthy oxygen-rich environment for our Madison River trout, who thrive in such an environment. Healthy trout certainly leads to happy anglers! While snowpack is just one of a myriad of factors that can affect fish feeding habits, we can always expect fun and memory-rich summers on the Madison River!