February 22, 2010

Winter 2010

The ice on the banks is finally melting enough to get access to some of our favorite fishing holes. Although still a bit precarious, we’ve been braving the cold water temperatures to sneak in a couple afternoon hours for some great winter fishing!Not surprising, the trout are pretty easy to find this time of year. We head to the deep holes where they’ve hunkered down for the winter season. The brown girdle bug nymph has produced the most action by far! Although trailing BH nymphs, such as a pheasant tail, red copper John, or lightening bug, has certainly caught a few wild trout as well.The rainbows are beginning to brighten up as the spring spawning season approaches. And the brown trout are striking the bigger size 6 or 8 nymphs.Midge hatches have also got the trout looking up in the warm afternoons. Personally, I haven’t gone with a small midge imitation yet, but I’ve enjoyed watching the select wild trout come to the surface.We are anxious for the longer days to continue, while the water keeps warming up, and the final ice melts away. Come April, the fishing really kicks up!!