June 30, 2015

Summer Bug Life on the Madison River

Caddis for web

Southwest Montana is heating up! Warm summer days provide an abundance of bug life on the Madison River that produces fantastic days of casting to surface feeding trout and tight lines.Knowing what to expect on the water is the best way to increase your chances of coaxing trout to the surface and having the most productive and fun day on the water possible.Early in the summer, after the June runoff, we can expect salmon flies to start hatching and anglers will get the chance to throw some big bugs. This hatch has certainly gained fame for a reason. There is nothing like seeing a trout emerge from the depths of the Madison to munch on a massive and easy to see dry fly. It is truly a thrill!As the season progresses through July and early August there is a frenzy of bug life. The warm weather will bring out caddis, golden stones, yellow sallies, and spruce moths. It is a veritable buffet out there! Bring a solid variety on the water so you can key in on what is hatching on that particular day and time and look out for sippers.By August it is time for terrestrials! Grass hoppers and ants are out in large numbers and making their way into the water from the brush along the river. The savvy angler will pound the banks with hopper and ant patterns to fool some of big fish lurking in the deep recesses of cut banks.Summer is one of the most exciting and rewarding times to fish Southwest Montana. Keying in on bug life is certainly the quickest route to an unforgettable day of fishing! Make your lifelong fly fishing memories this summer here at Madison Valley Ranch.