May 24, 2012

Spring Fishing

What a start to the 2012 fishing season! Each day folks experienced consistent fishing, catching healthy, feisty, wild trout. Usually, there will be at least one "off" day when the trout just aren't eating. But, that has not been the case for our guests over the past month. The bite has been on! End of April/early May had some spectacular dry fly fishing! The trout were keyed in on the surface and tales abound about big takes and long runs. Recently, the water has gone to a "tea color" as warmer temperatures have prompted the snow to melt in the mountains and head down the feeder streams. But even that hasn't stopped our wild trout from eating! Guests have been using zonkers, girdle bugs, and even the san jaun worm with awesome rewards :) Historically, the water should fully clear up around mid-late June. Just in time for the famous salmon fly hatch...We'll keep you posted!