June 25, 2013

Salmon Fly Madness

We have been feasting our eyes on some spectacular trout this week, as it’s clear the big boys are feeding! Just today, 4 guests each caught a 22 inch trout. And, the 18 plus inchers have been off the charts. While I am unabashedly bragging, we are also experiencing the results of Salmon fly madness. These 3 inch + stone flies prove just too tempting for the large trout to lay on their laurels as they typically do. Instead, they are taking advantage of the highly caloric, brightly colored, salmon flies. For those guests that have been in the middle of the hatch, tales of aggressive takes are equaled out with tales of setting the hook too quickly, or not hard enough as adrenaline takes over and pa

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tience falls by the wayside ;). Other guides have gone upstream of the hatch, where the large stone fly nymph are in abundance, the monster trout are uninhibited, and the camera’s shutter doesn’t get a chance to stop. Caddis nymph and adult imitations are also getting plenty of takes on the Madison River. It’s that time of year when a variety of bugs are hatching! These longer days and awesome food supply have the trout going wild and we are loving every minute of it :)