September 30, 2014

Hosting Gary Borger

Last week at Madison Valley Ranch, we hosted Gary Borger, fly fishing extraordinaire. Gary has been fly fishing since 1955 and teaching anglers since 1972. He is the author of numerous fly fishing books and released multiple instructional videos starting in 1982.

Borger Instruction

His passion for angling is evident, his patience is abundant, and his knowledge is extensive.

Borger Instruction 5

While at MVR, Gary held a casting clinic for a corporate group here from PlanSource to get them ready for their day on the Madison. Gary is exactly what you want as an instructor, and he makes you feel comfortable while you are waving a huge stick around in the air.

Borger Instruction 2
Borger Instruction 4

Combining business with fly fishing proved yet again to be a fantastic combination.

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