June 28, 2010

End of June Action!

The dry fly action has already kicked off, despite the fact that the rivers are still running a bit high and cloudy with run-off finishing up. The salmon flies hatching near Ennis are a great sign that they should stick around for a couple more weeks, slowing moving up the River. Plenty of comical stories of wild trout going for strike indicators tells us these trout are ready to feed and it’s always a fabulous sign that they are looking up! The caddis are abundant, along with mayflies, pmds, and yellow sallies. In fact, you can’t walk down the Channels trail behind the Ranch without your body being covered by caddis! Of course a plethora of sub-surface nymphs and emerger imitations have been catching fantastic wild trout as well. In particular, the cinnamon stone fly nymph (aka brown girdle bug) is flying out of the box. This action will only strengthen in the next coming weeks as the water continues to clear up and slow down after our month of run off, giving the trout an opportunity to really feast in early July. Can’t you just picture yourself with a bent rod, the line screaming through your reel with a feisty trout trying to break you off as you careful play them, and finally the pure excitement and exhilaration of bringing a wild trout to the net? Yeah, me too ~ the fishing is awesome and we look forward to sharing it with you!