April 6, 2010

April Fishing Report

Midges, midges and more midges…the Madison River has been experiencing some awesome midge hatches and you can’t walk around town without hearing the buzz (literally at times ~ I had to swat a few away yesterday as I walked the property). With the days warming up and the sun moving higher in the sky, midge hatches are undoubtedly rising in magnitude. Combined this with the low flows and clarity of the River in its pre-run off glory and it is clear why you should start thinking about shaking off the winter doldrums to hit the Madison River for some exciting early spring fishing! Make sure your fly box is loaded with Zebra midges and Griffin’s Gnat. Of course, there are still plenty of trout hunkered down in the deeper holes, so don’t leave home without a supply of bead head nymphs; princes, red squirrels and Delekta’s red Lil’ spankers are my personal go-to flies this time of year.