April 19, 2021

Spring in Montana is here with considerably warmer temperatures and windy conditions lately. Fishing remains excellent as it usually is this time of the year. Wade fishing offers the best opportunity for anglers, though it sure is nice to float the river right now. BWOs, midges and skwalla stoneflies are the ticket. Look for calm overcast days for the best dry fly fishing.

ennis, Mt weather

It's snowy and cold out there this morning. This system should be short lived we'll slowly warm back up over the course of this week. Pesky north winds continue to keep the region cool and can be problematic for fishing, so look out.

Madison river flows

Flows on the upper Madison river remain low, but there is plenty of water out there. Just keep your head up because there are some rocks out there that normally don't pose a threat to the fiberglass!

Madison River fishing techniques

#18-20 BWO or midge patterns are working when fish are poking their heads up. Small #12-16 chubby patterns in dark colors will suffice for skwallas. Nymph wise, don't think too hard about it. Girdle bugs should be in heavy rotation. A #8 is a great size right now. You can trail that with a variety of small flashy nymphs or just another girdle bug. Eggs and worms should work too.

Madison River flies

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