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2010 Season Concludes, but the Fabulous Fishing Continues…

The 2010 season was spectacular!  I look forward to posting a year-in-review fishing blog later in the month…In the meantime, I want to share Dan Larson’s report from Yellowstone National Park:

Here are a few photos from the last week of fishing the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park this year.

Perhaps the best year ever!

The last couple of days were off the charts.  I netted 50 fish on Sunday, including 2 consecutive 22? browns to finish the season off.  And, of course, on Friday I netted my second largest trout ever – Walter II.  26? and an estimated 8 pounds of massive brown trout.  Unfortunately, no one was in earshot (or radio hook-up) to assist with pictures. so, you get the net photo of the fish hanging out the net.  Some of the underwater pics are of Walter II and another 23? brown from the prior week.


Dan Larson

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